Carpet Repair Poway CA 92064

There could be a need for carpet pad replacement in a few different situations such as having worn down pad, pet tore it up, habitual pet urine or a water pipe burst and flood carpet and pad. This customer needed water contaminated padding tore out of a 10′x4′ space,...

San Diego Carpet Cleaning and Repair, Stretch Carpet and Clean

Stretch Carpet and Steam Clean. San Diego Carpet Cleaning and Repair! SDCR was called out to San Diego to Re-Stretch Carpet to get carpet ripples out and then Steam Clean all the carpets. SDCR got all the bumps out of carpet and then cleaned them and made them look...

San Diego Carpet Repair Stretching

San Diego Carpet Repair Stretching. SDCR did a carpet re-stretch in 4 rooms and stairs. Customer was super happy with repairs and is going to use SDCR soon for Carpet Cleaning!.