Commercial Carpet Repair & Cleaning

Running a business is hard work. The typical business owner has to worry about payroll, taxes, revenues, profits, and expenses. What is usually on the bottom of the list of worries are items that have to do with the aesthetics of the office. This needs to change.

Making an impactful first impression should be the top priority of any business owner. Without new customers, a business can not grow.

Did you know that you have less than ten seconds to make a good first impression? Make sure your office carpet says we are on top of our game and ready to earn your business by working with us.

San Diego Carpet Repair & Cleaning can remove the built-up soiling in your carpet and restore the vibrancy of your commercial carpet with our powerful and efficient commercial carpet cleaning service.

Clean Carpets, More Profits

Our state of the art powerful hot water extraction cleaning system injects our carpet cleaning solution and hot water with enough pressure to loosen the dirt, grime, and soil trapped in your carpet while simultaneously being vacuumed up by our extractor.

The result is a carpet that is showroom ready and free of contaminants. Clean carpets also promote healthy indoor air quality. Did you know that Americans lose 24.5 million workdays per year because of allergies?

Our commercial carpet cleaning service can help make your employees more productive and miss fewer days of work due to allergies.

Our commercial carpet cleaning technicians are quick, efficient and will not impact the operations of your business.

Want to learn more about our commercial carpet cleaning service? Ready to book an appointment with us?

Contact San Diego Carpet Repair & Cleaning today at 619-512-9661. We look forward to earning your business.