Bleach Stain Spot Dyeing Repair

Back in the day spilling bleach on your carpet used to be a death sentence for your carpet. Bleach spots meant covering it up with a potted plant or moving a piece of furniture over it and hoping that nobody noticed.

Thanks to technology and innovations in the carpet repair industry repairing the discoloration of your carpet is now an option.

San Diego Carpet Repair & Cleaning is proud to offer a new cutting-edge bleach stain spot dye service to our valued customers.

Does This Bleach Stain Repair Service Really Work?

Our bleach stain repair service will have your carpet looking like new in no time. We use high-quality dyes and our color matching program to perfectly color match the bleached area of carpet with the rest of your carpet.

This process starts by taking a picture of the bleached area and analyzing it with our Color Cue app. This remarkable app will give us the exact hue of your carpet. We then blend the appropriate dyes to get the perfect match and apply the dye to the bleached area.

What Are The Benefits Of Bleach Spot Dyeing?

San Diego Carpet Repair & Cleaning provides exceptional value to our customers, and we always look for ways for our customers to save money. Bleach spot dyeing offers tremendous value to our customers in more ways than one.

Bleach spot dyeing cost significantly less than replacing your entire carpet. Did you know that bleach spot dyeing is 50-80 percent less expensive than carpet replacement?

In addition to the immediate cost savings, you will achieve long-term savings as well because our service extends the service life of your carpet. Instead of replacing your carpet prematurely, you get to continue enjoying your carpet for years to come and keep more money in your pocket.

Trust San Diego Carpet Repair & Cleaning for all of your carpet repair needs.  Give us a call at 619-512-9661 to schedule your appointment.